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43 Responses to Fan Chat Page

  1. laura says:

    hi when is your next tour in galway

  2. jon says:

    hi i am jon escandor i am very happy of you 5

  3. odessa justol says:

    hi!westlife wa qi wani!

  4. odessa justol says:

    i really love westlife

  5. odessa justol says:

    will u come back again here in philippines in leyte

  6. Chiba_Th says:

    I love you, Westlife
    How can I met you?
    I’m Thai, When you’ll come to Thailand?
    I wish you happy.
    Let’s visit Thailand!!

  7. yvonne says:

    love u kian.i’m from sri lanka

  8. hla ahed al ali says:

    hi all im a huge fan of westlife and love mark feehily so much

  9. shravs says:

    hey westlife ur the best theres huge followers for u in INDIA cum n explore our country of all cultures i m sure u ll love our country n hope u ll cum when s ur next album releasing
    love u all

  10. Aseema says:

    i luv u WESTLIFE……… especially KIAN…………. i’m from india& i’m agreat fan of urs. LUV UUUUUUUU…..

  11. AnnFlnFee says:

    Hiya Guys. !!!
    how are ya???

  12. AnnFlnFee says:

    I Love WESTLIFE So Muchhh.. ÔŁĄ

  13. erika esporna says:

    i’m erika from philippines.. i love you westlife..

  14. anyss says:

    hi guys..! Love westlife so much………

  15. angel says:

    i love it

  16. Angel says:

    Hi,i am sorry i hurt u guys,i didnt mean to.let me make it up to u guys

  17. Anonymous says:


  18. ronalyn villalobos says:

    i love WESTLIFE forever and ever

  19. elice says:

    i love westlife esp mark,he is so cute ,but i jst can’t beliv dat e is gay! goddame it ! y is da cute ones alwaz av 2 b gay!

  20. elice says:

    hi am elice and am from papua new guinea.lov all yor songs and wish sometimes u guz could come visit papua new guinea.xo xo

  21. elice pual says:

    love u guz sooo mucch!

  22. Westlife_Fan_97 says:

    i love Westlife too bits, and cried my eyes out when i found they were splitting up and i would really love to go to one of there farewell concert and i would love too meet them but i’m guessing neither id going to happen, oh well i hope them all the best for the future ­čÖé

  23. osvaldo sampaio says:

    Good afternoon westlife love your work because your music teach – then I’m always going when probelamas.
    I am the osvaldo sampaio live in Angola (Luanda) have 25 years of age.
    I was very saddened by the departure of Brian but as life goes on the strength of the four of you and will do the heroes of Ireland.
    I like to sing one of my great dreams is to sing with you the following songs: Tonight, wrriten in the star and us aganste the world.
    Please tell me anything when they see this imail would be very grateful and happy

  24. mino says:

    hi i am mongolian woman i raelly love to westlife my love its nice song i love you…….

  25. Wendy says:

    Hi westlife,i wish i can fax my heart so u can c hw mch i lv u

  26. Westlife says:

    Hi wstlyf gyz i wsh icn fax ma hrt so u cn c hw mch i luv u bye!

  27. Soe says:

    I am SOE from to chat with westlife.i like their song very much.thanku very much that their song is bright candle for me.When i listen,i feel very happy with warmly touch.
    Their songs is my star gate for my life’s meaning.
    If u boring,pls contact me -65-91700793 or email me.Thanku

    Have a nice day! Wish u can hold successful for long time and encourage for people who loss their hope with Ur angle songs.

  28. cj_donor says:

    hahahahaha when i hear of song of westlife i feel super better

  29. natashia says:

    Westlife, please reunite.

  30. Natashia says:

    Shane & Kian, please come to Medan, Indonesia, North Sumatra

  31. hello guys if you love westlife then can you please read this
    and please bear with me english isn’t my first language but I’m trying, also the stroy is getting very interesting´╗┐

  32. aoife says:

    you rock xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  33. aoife says:

    hey shane and kian how are you

  34. Ejiro Owhoka says:

    i really luv u guys nd would want to meet you soon.

  35. Anonymous says:

    I am a big fan of westlife i like all their songs

  36. deciemae says:

    I love you kuya mark feehily

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