Mark Feehily


Full Name: Mark Michael Patrick Feehily
Date of birth: 28th May 1980
Star sign: Gemini
Place of birth: Sligo, Ireland
School: Summer Hill College
Scars/marks: he has a mole, on the right side of his lower neck
Family: parents Oliver and Marie, two younger brothers Barry (15) and Colin (11) and a dog called Snoopy
Describe yourself in three words: Shy, reserved but also friendly
Bad habit: Singing all the time
Rule of Life: “Money isn’t everything, but happiness is”
Phrase that you use often: Well buddie – what’s the craic (Irish for fun)
Most embarassing moment: Forgetting the words to my songs at a talent concert in front of 1,000 people aged 14
Hobbies: Tennis, football, snooker, chilling out
Instrument: Piano, guitar and tin-whistle
Likes: Chillin’ with his mates, singing and partying
Dislikes: Being tied down, having too much on his plate, narrow-minded people, smoking
Worst class(es): Irish/woodwork
Best class(es): French/Home Economics
Hates: Birds and snakes
Fave sport(s): Football, tennis
Fave actor: Eddie Murphy
Fave actress: Lisa Kudrow (Phoebe – Friends)
Fave male singer: Michael Jackson
Fave female singer: Mariah Carey
Most like to meet: Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson
Hero: Mum & Dad and Michael Jackson
Who Would You Have A One 2 One with? Michael Jackson
Most Impressive Person You’ve Ever Met: Mariah Carey
Best movie ever: The Nutty Professor, Armageddon
Fave food: Steak and chips, Irish stew, chicken
Fave football team: Liverpool
Fave clothes: Trainers and tracksuit
Fave designer: Timberland
Fave colour: Purple or green or black
Fave book:The Witches by Roald Dahl
Fave Music: everything
Fave song: Man in the Mirror by Michael Jackson and Without You by Mariah Carey
Love life: Mark came out as gay in August 2005, announcing he is in a long-term relationship with Kevin McDaid from the boyband V. [read news article]
Previously he was rumoured to be dating Mandy Moore (but it wasn’t true, Shane spread the story to wind Mark up!). He was also rumoured to have dated a model named Lauren Gold for a while (she starred in Robbie William’s video “Rock DJ” as the DJ). Lauren accompanied him to the premiere of teen movie Coyote Ugly (see the pic of them together below). Mark said that they met at a party in London and thought she was very nice, but due to both their busy schedules the relationship wasn’t serious. Mark also dated Page 3 glamour model Ebony. Mark was also rumoured to be going out with Cathy Newell from Irish girl group Bellefire (who, like Westlife, are managed by Louis Walsh).


59 Responses to Mark Feehily

  1. Cacha says:

    Hy, how Are U ? Im Fans U … nICE To meet U …

  2. shah says:

    hii? mark Feehily

  3. shah says:

    mark how are you?
    me shah from malaysia.;……….

  4. DEWI says:


  5. shah says:

    how are you?

  6. melissa says:

    hello . My namis mellissa.

  7. Zsuzsie says:

    I go through so much crap at school and westlife always makes me feel so much better.

    Thank You!!

  8. hla ahed al ali says:

    hi mark how ur you? im a huge fan of you and westlife i love ur voice v.much……….and don’t care what they said about you(about that u gay)…….and remmber what you said in a “what do they know” song….they don’t know anything…..and this is your life….enjoy and have fun as the way you like……what ever happend i will be always love you and love westlife band……i hope you can visit jordan and make a party over there……
    your loyel fan…..
    hala ahed al ali
    az zarqa-jordan……p.s :i love you so much…please reply me as soon as you can…:)

  9. hi mark I hope you are well I miss you very much and I am come to concert in surrey at sandown park and so i love u very much from

  10. ..hi mark..
    ..u know what???
    ..i’m the one of your avid fans..
    i love all your songs especially unbreakable…
    …i love you mark..
    ..i’m still hoping that you will visit here again in philippines..
    ..i want to see you in person..
    ..pls.say hi to shaine,kian,nicky..i love you all..muahhhh…
    ..i also miss brian..
    …just always remember i love you all guys.

  11. caramarielle says:

    where is mark’s photo with lauren ?

  12. Aseema says:

    HI MARK HOW R U……. U R SO SEXY……….

  13. Miranda says:

    Hy mark i jst wnt u 2 knw dat i wil always luv u nomater wat remember ths words:its more than words its more tham wat u say its the the things u do oh yeah

  14. Anonymous says:

    I like your smile………..” I like your eyes………” You are my favorite singer. Being confidence with yourself. you are a handsome boy.

  15. aileen lei says:

    ilove you so much mark.specially your voice..i miss you…godbless you..pls hi to kian,nicky and my shane….i love you all….written in the star…thats my favorite music..

  16. hi mark how are you, hope your fine hope you visit here in philippines… im an avid fans of yours.. youre handsome and i like your voice keep it up… bye

  17. Angel says:

    Hi,my name is angel but my mom calls me baby all the time.well i want to be ur best friend ,to be close u all the time.i am from the way love ur me anytime u like i will be waiting 4 phone number is 08091950651.lot kisses from me to u.u can also text me messages.bye,from angel

  18. Angel says:

    Hi,is angel,sorry about that phonenumber,my brother took my sim card.he said i should give it to him so i did becos i am not that kind who is wicked,i have a kind heart in me .that is not all he brought me another sim card. that number which is 08091950651 isnot my number again this is my number is 080187329915.pls i will need ur forgiveness.from nigeria.lot of kisses from me to u

  19. bady says:

    Hi,is baby,sorry about that phonenumber,my brother took my sim card.he said i should give it to him so i did becos i am not that kind who is wicked,i have a kind heart in me .that is not all he brought me another sim card. that number which is 08091950651 isnot my number again this is my number is 080187329915.pls i will need ur forgiveness.from nigeria.lot of kisses from me to u

  20. anyss says:

    hi, Mark…..can we be friends? hope you reply as soon as you can….:)

  21. MAWAR says:

    Mark ……………. you are my favorite singer!!!

  22. aryana says:

    hi mark…i love u so much…u are my favorite singer
    i love all the song from the first album until now…love u ..muuaaahhh *_*

  23. joy says:

    we love you all weslife..

  24. Anti-gay says:

    hello i hate mark feehily cause he is a fucking gay now and i have to admit europe had a lot of gays inside it. Fuck u 2 gays!

  25. ih orang islam dari indonesia lebay. islam indonesia ngentot!

  26. hi mark….your so cool…i hope i see you in personal…

  27. hi…mark….i love westlife huh….i like all your song…..

  28. ronalyn villalobos says:

    hi mark….

  29. Wathsala says:

    Hi mark how are you? You are my favourite singer in westlife. Your voice is so beautiful and very attractive. Actually Mark you are a nice guy. I wish you all the best in your future. Bye.

    WESTLIFE is the grate music band in the WORLD.

  30. shella says:


  31. shella says:

    WAITING FOR MAY 28.. xx

  32. Rahmat says:

    I hate group band westlife irlandia

  33. Anonymous says:

    Hi am a mad fun westlife,u make ma world,Edith from kenya

  34. suzy joshua says:

    hi mark, u re my fan

  35. suzy joshua says:

    i’m happy for knowing you the more

  36. Luwe says:

    hi mark πŸ˜‰
    ur so handsome and i like all westlife songs!
    Godbless you and to all westlife members πŸ™‚
    ** Miss u guys !!

  37. Novy Feehily says:

    are you real mark feehily???

  38. Angela says:

    Hi Mark.. how are you ??
    I miss u so much -__-

  39. Emagine joyce says:

    Hi!mark u ar my evry watevr hppn 2 i wil alwys be thr 4 u.i lve u i hpe u’ll fnd my comnt u cn cal me 2 0839517386 rply soon as u cn bye

  40. Anonymous says:

    How long is your rod.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mark Fehilly reply,
      Rod; 8 inches, thick shaft, large blunt knob
      Balls; Large low hanging balls
      Single Ejaculation
      No.of Shots; 5 large, 6 small
      Quantity; of thick, creamy semen each ejaculation
      Favourite Position; That of The Stallion
      Penetration; Very deep
      Top or Bottom; Both
      Star I would like to fuck; Mike Denver

      Favourite wank fantasy; To watch big stud Keith Duffy doing Kian Egan

  41. holis nurhakim says:

    Hi , mark how are u ? I’m fans U , i like your sound , i love westlife

    From : Indonesia

  42. shazmi says:

    hi Mark,
    hope u doin’ great. I would like to date n marry u someday to come. Love u always. I like your voice coz it soothes my heart wherever am down. I like glaring at your pictures, I hope to meet you someday… big love from shazmi

  43. shazmi says:

    hi Mark,
    hope u are doing great. Am shazmi from Kenya but my friends call me Shazzy. You have a sexy voice mark..I like it. I hope that one day I will meet you in person and we shall talk. though am much younger than you I hope that we shall date and be good friends from there we shall marry each other, coz I strongly believe so buddie. once you reply I will give you my contacts, n u shall know more about me.

    big love mmuah

  44. Anonymous says:

    Hi mark

  45. Zin Mar Soe says:


  46. Zin Mar Soe says:

    hi Mark

  47. Joshua says:

    Mark, have you ever done Kian Egan?

  48. Hi mark feehily, i love you!,i miss you😍😘

  49. Katrina cate says:

    Mark why did you choose to be a gay?😭😭😭😭Mark majority of the people will be happy when they see you married to a female especially me love u mark

  50. Jennifer Gobi says:

    I love you mark, even if you are gay..πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

  51. Jennifer Gobi says:

    I love you mark, even if you are gay..πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯πŸ˜₯

  52. Hello πŸ‘‹ mark feehily, I miss words to say then my feelings are more than words can say, I really love you sooo much, my favorite song is that magical one “Flying without wings” then “butterfly, your love is a drug and all the songs, thanks

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