Nicky Bryne


Full name: Nicky Bernard James Adam Byrne
Born: October 9, 1978.

He grew up in Baldyole, which is by the seaside in north Dublin. He’s got a sister (Gillian) and a brother (Adam) who is 12 years younger than him. His mother (Yvonne) is a housewife and his dad is a painter and decorater. When his father was in a band (it was called Nicky and Studz) Nicky would go and help him set up the gear and set up the mic stands during the day. Nicky spent most of his childhood playing sport. From the age of 6 he played for Home Farm in Dublin. He played there for 9 years. In his final year he went to St. Kelvin’s and after that Leeds United. When he was playing for Leeds he signed a two-year contract. But then George Graham came in as a manager and he brought his own staff in. He was used to have big keepers so Nicky didn’t fit in and he left to do his Leaving Cert. In primary school he went to Baldoyle Boys National School. He missed the first three/four days of school, because he was knocked down, outside his house, by a guy on a pushbike. He was in hospital for a day. In secondary school he went to Pobalscoil Neasáin (or St. Neasáin’s). There he was really close to his music teacher, Miss Murphy. He had Mr. Kane as his year head. Mr. Kane was also his football manager so he had a great relationship with him and the principal, Mr. Murphy. He never passed a music class until his Junior Cert. He had to sing for the Junior Cert because he was doing honours. He never learned to play instruments. Something he regrets now. He never really had interest in the actual music side of it at school, though he was always interested in the singing side of it. He used to be in the school chor for example. He also went to Baldyole Secondary School. He found English quite interesting but he wasn’t good at maths. As he says himself: “It just wasn’t my thing”. Nicky never got into trouble when he was in school. “My man and dad brought me up that way. I have so much respect for them, they gave me everything I wanted”, Nicky said. His mother always said to him: “You’re not better than anybody else and nobody’s better than you – they might have more money or a nicer car, or they might be better off, but as a person they’re noy better than you”. At school he was always the one to make jokes in class. He always got on with every teacher, but when he hot into trouble he’d give a little smile and said ‘sorry’ and they used to let him get away with it. When Nicky came back from Leeds he went to St. Plunkett’s College in Whitehall for a year. That was quite hard for him because he’d been a professional footballer who had been earning great money. But still he got a great Leaving Cert. He did the Garda exam, passed that and just before ‘Swear It Again’ was released hit mother got a letter in the post to say that he had to start in Templemore (A police training college). Nicky was a fan of Boyzone. When he went to Leeds, he hadd all their albums and singles. He sang them constantly. When he was watching them he always wanted to be in the band. On the radio he heard about an audition for a band. He rang the guy and asked what he had to do. The guy told him that he had to do a demo, record 2 or 3 songs and he had to send a picture of himself. Nicky recorded ‘Isn’t It A Wonder?’ by Boyzone and 2 Irish acapella (‘The Town I Loved So Well’ and ‘She Moved Trough The Fair’). He sent the tape off and they called him back. He could come to the audition. He went to the audition for a new traditional band, which was called Ceol. He sang ‘Father And Son’, by Boyzone and ‘She Moved Through The Fair’. Then Louis called him down and said that he was setting up a new boyband called IOU and that they were looking for one more person. The second audition he went to was for IOU. They liked Nicky and Bryan the most and they couldn’t choose between them. They went to Sligo to live with the other boys (Kian, Mark, Shane and Michael) for a while. Later it was decided that they wanted both Nicky and Bryan so Michael had to leave. They changed IOU into Westside but there was already a band called like that so they changed it into Westlife.


28 Responses to Nicky Bryne

  1. grissel says:

    holaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! niky es hermoso no importa su edad lo adoro lo siento es mio les guste o no o

  2. ellia says:

    hae nick,,, how are you???
    when you visit indonesia???
    i always waiting for you…

  3. kevin says:

    nicky, I like you a lot…I want that you send me too a msg
    I´m angolan and I live in luanda the capital of Angola.I like to sing like you1

  4. val says:

    Hello Nick, my name is varlone from Cameroon. I dream everyday and i pray my husband looks like you. I don’t know what u gave me but i fell in love with u from the very first time and whenever i see u my heart bits like the very first time. I love u and u make me feel…

  5. riany says:

    hi Niky…….
    I lOvE YoU So MuCh…
    i HOPe I’ll mEEt U…

  6. leah says:

    hi nicky i love you so much i want to see you and the rest of the westlife gang when i am older how are you what are you doing hows the twins are they alright

    loved your biggest westlife fan leahxx

  7. anissa says:

    hy… nicky…..

    you’re so cute…. ^-^

  8. ZARAH says:


  9. leah says:

    hi nicky i am so angery cause i was in a argument with this boy we’ve been friends since we started first year i feel like punching him

    love leahxx

  10. westlife shane i love charlotte mum dad xxxxx

  11. Georgina says:

    OMG !! i love you soo much nicky xx
    i was very proud of my name when i found out it belonged to your wife xxxxx i love you soooooooooooooo much xxxx i always have xxx Westlife have been my favourite band for almost 8 years !!!!!!!!! xxxxx i luv the song You Make me feel because you sing init xxxxx u shud be the lead singer xx !! lusm xx !!!
    luv from your biggest fan….. xxx
    Georgina xxxx ❤

  12. Jocelyn Dela Cruz says:

    Hey!!!I’m your biggest fan….. I love you so much,,, more power to all of you, Marky,Shane, Kian and to you…
    Wish to see you all in person,,,love you guys,take care…always keep safe…..(_27_)

  13. Aseema says:


  14. joyful says:

    I LOVE YOU NICKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are totally handsome..I wish i could a baby with you….Love you and keep rockin’ my dear….Westlife forever!!!!!!

  15. joyful says:

    i mean…i wish i could have a baby with you hehehe……

  16. Anonymous says:

    i am a very big fan of you and shane ive got pic of you on my wall i dream about you all the time

  17. Hannah Powell Chloe Hennerley says:

    IILOVEYOU Nicky yeah well fit :))
    IILOVEYOU Brian :))

    • angelica says:

      my name is angelica and i says you or os hot and sexy ot me and i like your name and i like you oot i wish you was my man mmmm oh oh yeah.

  18. angel says:

    u rock my world

  19. angelica says:

    hay nicky you or os sexy and call me my new number is 423-486-4381. and i want you ot be my man and i love you call me and let me know okay.

  20. ila says:

    nicKy bryNe….you are a smart boY In yOur baNd…=)

  21. Anonymous says:

    my favorite the band………cheer~

  22. megan says:

    aup Nicky iv been to your concerts 4 times..i also went to that meet and greet you did at manchester and had you autograph we cant wait for your tour at sheffield arena i would really like you to say hello to lauran and megan for us that would be our favourite christmas preasent ever! i love you lots=you are my favourite in the band my sister laurans is shane and kian she cant pick! that would be great if you say hello to us…
    p.s:we are so upset there is not going to be a westlife:(
    also we watched you on tv doing your last show we love you all soo much and take care
    love megan and lauran your 2 biggest fans 🙂 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  23. Anonymous says:

    hello nicky

  24. Anonymous says:

    I don’t know why but I’ve fallen in love with you…. You make me feel…. Don’t know what you gave me… What is it but you sure have a special place in my heart forever ……
    Why do I love you…
    Don’t even want to….
    It’s every little thing you do
    That makes me fall in love with you….

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